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Check out the different ways we can work together!
From mini trainings, to group programs & 1:1 mentorship.


Check out the different ways we can work together!
From mini trainings, to group programs & 1:1 mentorship.

Courses and Programs

The Mind Your Hormones Method

Signature Course

A Holistic Approach to Hormone Health & Overall Wellness

Your step-by-step roadmap to balance your hormones.

Using food, lifestyle & targeted supplementation to address the root cause of your hormone imbalances.

The result: a regular, pain-free period, boosted fertility for conception, thriving with PCOS, no PMS, better moods, more energy & better digestion.

All without medication or deprivation

Immediate and Lifetime access to the full course plus any updates that are made.

Balance Your Blood Sugar

A simple & sustainable way to regulate your blood sugar that leaves you feeling energized, having more stable moods, less PMS, regulated period, boosted fertility & healthier pregnancy


In this program you won't only be learning how to regulate your blood sugar on a day to day basis.. you'll also be learning:

  • how to prevent blood sugar dips & spikes

  • how you can eat sugar/certain foods/drinks without completely sabotaging your blood sugar (because the answer isn't banning sugar & carbs completely from your life)

  • what to do when you KNOW your blood sugar is off (because we're not perfect & that's going to happen sometimes- the value is in knowing how to regulate yourself- not always staying in regulation which isn't always possible)¬†


My intention with this program is for you to:

  • FULLY understand how the things you are or are not doing are impacting your blood sugar (what you're eating/drinking, how you're eating it, WHEN you're eating etc)

  • what it's actually doing in your body & the feeling you'll have when it's off

  • how it's negatively impacting your chances of getting pregnant

  • how it's affecting how you FEEL each day (your energy & moods)

  • exactly what you can change in your diet so you can truly master your blood sugar & FEEL & SEE the changes QUICKLY

When you regulate your blood sugar you FEEL the impact IMMEDIATELY.

You will also feel it IMMEDIATELY when it's off.

Once you join you'll get immediate & lifetime access to the trainings!

Price: $144

Recipes Guide

Plant Based, Gluten Free, Blood Sugar & Hormone Balancing Meals


Inside you'll find...

  • 9 breakfast recipes
  • 19 lunch & dinner recipes
  • 8 snack ideas
  • 3 dessert recipes
  • Specific notes on how to tweak recipes if you are pregnant or¬†postpartum
  • The brands I use & love¬†when it comes to certain products
  • Notes on why I am using certain ingredients
  • & notes on how I make meal prepping these meals easy!¬†

 My intention to help take some of the guesswork out for you & ensure that the foods you’re pairing together are actually supporting your hormones, your overall wellness & getting you closer to your ultimate goal of pregnancy, regular cycles, thriving as a mom, better moods, more energy etc.

I want this to be a guide that sparks creativity in you to have fun with the meals you’re eating & make this as enjoyable of a process as possible.

 PRICE: $14.44

1:1 Mentorship

This is for you if you're looking for high level, close proximity, & personalized support on your journey. To learn more about the process, click below to complete an application, DM me on Instagram, or send me an email at [email protected]



Supplement Masterclass

Learn about the specific supplement protocols, brands, dosages & timing I recommend for:

  • safely stopping hormonal birth control (or support while still on it)
  • fertility & pregnancy
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis/painful periods
  • overall cyclical wellness (this can be used for male partners as well).

In each protocol you’ll learn WHY the supplements I recommend for that specific area are essential, how they work in your body, how much to take, when to take them, & what brands you can trust.

Immediate and Lifetime access to the masterclass plus any updates that are made.

Price: $111

This training is included in The Mind Your Hormones Method, Peace Out Birth Control & 1:1 Mentorship.

Your Fertile Window

Learn how to track your physical signs of ovulation (your Cervical Mucus and Basal Body Temperature) so you can identify your fertile window with accuracy & confidence Knowing your fertile window without relying on just LH strips, apps or technology (which are not accurate) will support you in the conception process OR in avoiding pregnancy without hormonal birth control.

Immediate and Lifetime access to the masterclass plus any updates that are made.

Price: $111




Wellness Bundle

Improve your energy, cycle, fertility & mood with this 5-part Wellness Bundle


What you'll get:

  • Supplement Masterclass¬†(with multiple trainings & protocols for different imbalances/stages of your journey)
  • Fertile Window Training¬†(know exactly how to track your physical biomarkers- Cervical Mucus & BBT- so you know when your 5-6 day fertile window is)
  • Plant Based, Gluten Free & Hormone Balancing Recipes¬†(breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack & dessert recipes- all SIMPLE with minimal ingredients)
  • Cooking Tutorials for my visual learners¬†(videos of me cooking certain meals to support you in the kitchen!)
  • 14 Day Meal Plan¬†(this includes 3 meals & a snack¬†every day with ideal timing between each meal)



Fertile Window & Supplement Masterclass


Full Price: $222


Supplement + Blood Sugar Masterclass Bundle


Full Price: $255


Recipes Guide + 14 Day Meal Plan

If you feel like you're not sure...

  • What to eat in a day
  • How to space your meals apart
  • How to use leftovers/ make things you can reuse/ re-imagine meals in different ways so there's less food waste
  • & want less time in the kitchen...

This 14 day meal plan is for you.

This meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner & a snack each day- all using recipes from the included recipes guide! (It also has a grocery list for you for each week.)

Plus, included notes of what to tweak if you're pregnant or breastfeeding!

You get immediate download access to my Recipes Guide AND my 14 Day Meal Plan! 

 Price: $24.44