mind your hormones


Your step-by-step guide

to balancing your hormones

Your step-by-step guide

to balancing your hormones

This Method will lead you to:
  • a regular, pain-free period (no surprises, no pain meds needed)
  • activated fertility to naturally conceive (or to prepare your body for a successful IVF transfer)
  • rebalancing your hormones postpartum
  • safely stopping hormonal birth control without the negative side effects
    • or supporting yourself while still on it or finding balance after stopping it
  • thriving with PCOS (no spironolactone, metformin or clomid necessary)
  • improved digestion so you can poop with EASE, DAILY without bloat after every meal
  • more energy without caffeine, the mid afternoon crash or needing a daily nap to get by
  • better moods (even right before & during your period)
  • increased sex drive (your partner will thank you)
  • no PMS (your loved ones will thank you)
  • mental clarity without migraines
  • clear, glowing skin
  • knowing how your body works, what it needs & what negatively impacts how you feel on a day to day basis


yes please...

How do we do that?

By addressing the MAJOR root causes of ALL hormone imbalances & treating the body as a WHOLE since EVERYTHING (I mean EVERYTHING) in our body is connected.

When one thing improves, everything improves.

That's the beauty of holistic wellness

Do you know that you can achieve hormonal balance WITHOUT medications or hormonal birth control in a very SIMPLE way?!

I don't know about you but I didn't learn a DAMN thing about my hormones or menstrual cycle in school and I'm assuming you didn't either!

This is probably why you've spent months or years dealing with low fertility, postpartum imbalance &/or annoying symptoms that look like painful periods, PMS, irregular periods, mid afternoon crash (or chronic fatigue), digestive issues (bloat, constipation, gas), acne, migraines, weight loss resistance &/or hair loss without ANY clue that...

  1. Those symptoms are NOT NORMAL (common? yes. normal? no) and...
  2. Food, lifestyle & supplementation can change & heal ALL of that. FOR GOOD.

Hi there! I’m Corinne.

I’m a Mom to my beautiful baby girl Madison Shae, Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Podcaster who went from no period from mismanaged PCOS to a regular one, getting pregnant on the first try, having a thriving pregnancy & postpartum experience ALL by healing the root cause of my imbalances; naturally, with food, lifestyle & supplementation. & continuing to live this lifestyle in all seasons of life.

From all my YEARS of struggling with an irregular cycle, migraines, facial hair growth, body rashes, IBS & weight gain with ZERO guidance or answers from my doctors & seeing NO results from trying things I found on google- I created a method that not only healed myself but has now helped heal hundreds of other women: The Mind Your Hormones Method.

Before I started running my Holistic Nutrition business full time, I was a high school ENL & Spanish teacher for 9 YEARS! Which is one of the reasons why the MYHM is so effective. I have extensive teaching experience and know how to present information to you in a way where you GET IT & know EXACTLY how to implement it in your life no matter where you’re starting from, so you see & FEEL real change in your mind & body.

I left my 9-year teaching career in August of 2020 to run this business full-time because of how passionate & confident I am in my ability to support you on your hormone health journey.

My specialties are helping you have a regular, pain-free period, naturally conceive, thrive postpartum, safely stop birth control & create a lifestyle you LOVE because of how GOOD it makes you feel.

I’m so happy you’re here & cannot wait to support you!


Here's what my clients experience...

So much has improved since starting this course.

I have a healthier mindset about food, stress, & my body image. My period finally came & it was so amazing, almost zero pms and I could almost forget that I was on it and I finally feel like I know how to make healthy meals!"

- Kelly

I just want to say that I am AMAZED...

... with what this program has done so far. I just got my first period after having my IUD removed and I was so afraid of it being super painful like the periods I would get before I was on birth control but it has been a breeze pain-wise"

- Alexis

and even this...


When you eat, move and live in a way that optimizes your hormones, it's a GUARANTEE your health WILL improve & your symptoms will go away.

Since we were never TAUGHT any of this & are constantly told by our doctors to just go on the pill to "regulate your period" (THAT'S FALSE), or go on metformin, or that 3-4 periods a year is normal (whaaaaat?!), immediately recommending IVF without any natural interventions first, suffering postpartum because that's just "how it is being a mom" HELL. NO., pain & PMS is just part of having a menstrual cycle (FALSE), to TTC for a year then come back for IVF if it doesn't work (WTF)...

without ANY acknowledgment that what we EAT, how we MOVE & how we LIVE our lives has a DIRECT effect on our hormone health- which leads to UNINTENTIONALLY sabotaging your hormones on a daily basis. Until now...

I mean when you think about it, how could what we do/eat on a daily basis NOT have a direct effect on our cycles & how we feel?!

This is exactly why I created the Mind Your Hormones Method so I could teach as many women as possible what has been LIFE CHANGING for me & now SO many other women: how to understand your body & make living a hormone supportive lifestyle SIMPLE, all by using the tools at your fingertips: food, lifestyle & supplementation.

Here's how it works...

in the Mind Your Hormones Method,
we focus on supporting your:

  • blood sugar (when your blood sugar is off it starts a domino effect & negatively impacts every hormone in your body)
    •  symptoms of disregulated blood sugar looks like: inability to lose or maintain a healthy weight, mid afternoon crash, cravings, hangry between meals, sleep disturbances, PMS, migraines, irregular cycle, not ovulating, brain fog


  • nervous system (your brain is the control center of hormone production. If you're in fight or flight often your brain won't be able to effectively or consistently produce your hormones & your reproductive system will be turned off as a survival mechanism. This also negatively impacts your cortisol which is a top tier hormone )
    •  symptoms of a disregulation are: wired & tired at night, waking up tired, chronic fatigue, overwhelm, irregular ovulation, difficulty getting pregnant, spotting before your period, easily holding onto fat & difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, anxiety, low baseline of BBT numbers


  • gut health + inflammation (your gut is where you absorb nutrients- that are needed for ovulation & for your cells to function optimally- where you expel excess hormones, where 70-80% of your immune system lives & is directly connected to your brain. If your gut is off, it will impact your entire body. Your gut is the center of everything.)
    •  symptoms your gut could use some love: bloating, constipation (not pooping ideally 2x a day to completion), food particles in your poop, IBS, acid reflux, acne, migraines, rashes, skin sensitivities, food sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, easily getting sick, painful periods, heavy periods, PMS (mood swings, breast tenderness), brain fog


  • liver detoxification pathways (your liver processes & metabolizes excess hormones, toxins & metabolic waste. We want those detox pathways as clear & strong as possible so your hormones don't recirculate back in the body causes imbalances.)
    • symptoms your detox pathways need to be improved: heavy periods, painful periods, PMS, yellow tint to your eyes, fatigue, rashes, digestive problems, brain fog


  • nutrient density (in order for your body to thrive & to have optimal health & wellness, your cells need an abundant amount of nutrients that you can't get from food alone. Proper supplementation is vital for your overall health & wellness. Plus your reproductive system is not required for your survivial so we need nutrients in overflow & optimal ranges so that there's enough to go around & support our hormonal function)
    • symptoms your nutrient stores are low: fatigue/low energy, not ovulating regularly, difficulty getting pregnant, brain fog, hair loss, brittle nails, migraines/headaches

Why do we focus on these 5 areas? Because those are all the major root causes of imbalances & MUST be functioning optimally for you to heal & see the change you've been seeking.

Simply & naturally  with food, lifestyle & supplementation.

That's the recipe for success
for your hormones & overall wellness.


The answers you've been searching for on how to naturally get your period back, get pregnant & have a strong & healthy pregnancy, thrive postpartum to be the best mom you can be, have a pain & PMS free, regular period WITHOUT birth control & feel GOOD in your body are here inside The Mind Your Hormones Method.

If you've been wanting to heal your hormone imbalances at the ROOT level & truly learn & understand how your body works so you can feel your BEST in a fun, simple & SUSTAINABLE way...this is IT!

I KNOW you're ready to feel better.

I KNOW you're ready to make a change & amplify not only your health but EVERY SINGLE area of your LIFE!

I KNOW you believe in the power of holistic healing & that YOU CAN do this & I'm SO excited to lead you through this process.

I KNOW you want to do this not only for you but for EVERYONE around you who will ALSO benefit as a byproduct.

I KNOW you're capable of reaching the outcome you so badly desire (& DESERVE!)

What I've learned over the years is this:


You deserve the quality of life that's available to you.

Results lead you to increased motivation

It's not about the information inside the MYHM, it's about how it's presented to you in a way that's SIMPLE & that motivates you to take small actions each day leading you to the results you desire.

I've been working with clients through this method for about 5 years, and was a public school teacher for 9 years (teaching high school Spanish & ENL) which is why I know the most potent, simple & effective ways to teach you this information so that you get it, can easily implement it & can ultimately HEAL & see change.

I live & breath this method daily.

The MYHM is designed in a strategic order so you can make SMALL shifts over time & see positive changes (mentally, physically, emotionally) each week.

The food, lifestyle & supplemental strategies you'll be learning are meant to fit into YOUR lifestyle so it's something you'll continue to do throughout your reproductive years.

The goal of the Mind Your Hormones Method is to empower you to take action on your mental, physical & emotional health in a way you're confident about because you know it supports you and your hormones.

You will be able to FEEL the difference. More & more each week.

The goal is to put the power back in your hands & teach you how to heal yourself.

That's the vibe.

In The Mind Your Hormones Method, we address the ROOT cause of your low fertility, postpartum imbalances, irregular periods, painful periods, PCOS, digestive distress & PMS rather than putting a bandaid on your symptoms.

THAT'S why everyone who has ever committed to this method has seen INCREDIBLE results.


I feel so clear and connected to my body...

... since I started working with you! I'm so much less bloated & just happy with my body! Again, I ask what is this magic you have?!?!"

- Meredith

After 2 years of trying...

... and after a year of implementing what I learned from Mind Your Hormones, today we finally got the positive pregnancy test that we've been praying for! I know so much of it is because of what I learned from you!"

- Hannah

That (& SO much more) is what's possible for YOU too!!!

The Mind Your Hormones Method is here for YOU!

What you're about to experience, the knowledge you're about to gain, the changes you're about to feel, the way your day-to-day life is about to DRASTICALLY improve & how this is about to change the quality of your health FOREVER- makes saying yes to this a NO BRAINER.

& it makes me SO EXCITED for your future!


Are you
ready to experience it?

want a peak inside the mind your hormones method?

See below video for details!


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  • Quarterly Q+A group coaching calls (for 1 year)!
  • Access to the MYHM broadcast chat where Corinne drops weekly voice notes about how she's living the MYHM lifestyle. How she's meal prepping, supporting her nervous system, etc. 
  • Private Facebook community to connect with like-minded women.
  • Plus, access to 4 new Masterclasses coming in 2024!


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  • is ready to make a change & get to the bottom of their symptoms
  • wants to do things naturally
  • desires understanding their hormones & how to best support them
  • desires a pain-free, regular period
  • desires stopping hormonal birth control
  • desires boosting their fertility to conceive
  • desires feeling balanced postpartum & thriving in their mom era
  • desires thriving with PCOS
  • desires learning how to build meals using simple principles that don't involve tracking or counting
  • is committed to their health & their goals
  • is ready to show up for themselves
  • is done with trying to do it on their own
  • desires living life holistically


  • is ready to make a change & get to the bottom of their symptoms
  • wants to do things naturally
  • desires understanding their hormones & how to best support them
  • desires a pain-free, regular period
  • desires stopping hormonal birth control
  • desires boosting their fertility to conceive
  • desires thriving with PCOS
  • desires learning how to build meals using simple principles that don't involve tracking or counting
  • is committed to their health & their goals
  • is ready to show up for themselves
  • is done with trying to do it on their own
  • desires living life holistically

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