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AHHH I am SO excited you’re hereeee!!

Whether you’re here to get recipe ideas to support you in regulating your period, getting pregnant, thriving in pregnancy, rebalancing postpartum or simply having more energy & FEELING your best, I’m so glad you were led here because I know how much this guide is going to support you!

Every single meal in this guide is Plant Based, Gluten Free, Blood Sugar & Hormone Balancing. Even the snacks.

Inside this recipes guide, you'll find...

  • 9 breakfast recipes
  • 19 lunch & dinner recipes
  • 8 snack ideas
  • 3 dessert recipes
  • Specific notes on how to tweak recipes if you are pregnant or postpartum
  • The brands I use & love when it comes to certain products
  • Notes on why I am using certain ingredients
  • & notes on how I make meal prepping these meals easy! 

If you’re not plant based or gluten free of course you can tweak as necessary.

My intention for this Recipes Guide is for you to have something to lean on while you’re making a change in your diet. To help take some of the guesswork out for you & ensure that the foods you’re pairing together are actually supporting your hormones, your overall wellness & getting you closer to your ultimate goal of pregnancy, regular cycles, thriving as a mom, better moods, more energy etc.

I want this to be a guide that sparks creativity in you to have fun with the meals you’re eating & make this as enjoyable of a process as possible.

If there’s an ingredient in a recipe you don’t love, swap it for one you do love. Tweak as necessary & always listen to what your body is telling you. It never lies!


Hii! In case you don’t know me.. I’m Corinne.

I’m a Mom to my beautiful baby girl Madison Shae, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Mentor & Podcaster who went from no period from mismanaged PCOS to a regular one, getting pregnant on the first try, having a thriving pregnancy & postpartum experience ALL by healing the root cause of my imbalances; naturally, with food, lifestyle & supplementation. & continuing to live this lifestyle in all seasons of life.

From all my YEARS of struggling with an irregular cycle, migraines, facial hair growth, body rashes, IBS & weight gain with ZERO guidance or answers from my doctors & seeing NO results from trying things I found on google- I created a method that not only healed myself but has now helped heal hundreds of other women: The Mind Your Hormones Method. Which then lead me to creating my Podcast: The Mind Your Hormones Podcast

Before I started running my Holistic Nutrition business full time, I was a high school ENL & Spanish teacher for 9 YEARS! I left my teaching career in August of 2020 because of this burning passion I have to help women thrive NATURALLY. To help them get pregnant, regulate their cycles, have incredible pregnancies, rebalance postpartum & thrive as a mom. It’s a true honor to support so many women on their hormone & overall wellness journey.

When I first became plant based & started getting into the nutrition world in hopes to get my period back, get rid of my bloating & constipation, not feel so inflamed & stop my migraines, I truly didn’t know what to eat. I relied on plant based books & blogs (& a co worker who was plant based) to support me.

BUT what I wasn’t focussing on, because I didn’t know, was what was actually going to balance my hormones in the process. How the foods I was pairing together mattered for my hormones. Which is why it took me 2 years to get my period regulated.

While obviously my Method is not just about the foods we eat, it is a huge part of it, a foundational piece & a starting point that I’m so proud of you for taking a step towards or for refining if you’ve been on this path for a while.

As a new mom, it’s NECESSARY for me to have quick & easy meals. If it’s not quick or simple it’s just not happening. Every meal in this guide has minimal ingredients (if I see a recipe with 15+ ingredients I’m immediately out) & can be made in batches for ease of leftovers.

I cannot wait to see how this guide helps you feel more confident in your nutrition & helps you feel your absolute best!

Thank you for putting in the effort to enhance your well-being. By doing so, you’re positively impacting your children, family, friends, co-workers & the world at large. And DAMN what a ripple effect that has!

I’m honored to be doing this alongside you. Cheers to feeling our best, doing our best & trusting the process. Remember- your body is designed to heal. We just have to give it the best environment possible to do so.

XO Corinne

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***This recipe guide is part of the Mind Your Hormones Method, if you are in the MYHM do not buy this! 

Or UPGRADE and bundle it with my 14 day meal plan here!!