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food, lifestyle & supplementation
are medicine.


the deeper we understand our menstrual cycle, the more powerful we will be.


our mind is our most
powerful tool.


  • food, lifestyle & supplementation are medicine
  • our mind is our most powerful tool
  • the deeper we understand our menstrual cycle, the more powerful we will be
Let's get into the juice of who I am & why I'm here helping you!

I'm a former public school teacher turned Holistic Nutritionist, Podcaster, Speaker & Entrepreneur. I taught ENL & Spanish for 9 years until I resigned from that career in August of 2020. (Yes I left a super cushy, stable, amazing job in the middle of a pandemic to run a business that had absolutely no stability or "guarantee" to succeed. When my intuition speaks for as long & as loudly as it did about this, I listen. & I'm so freaking happy I did!)

I got into the nutrition world because of my own health issues I was struggling with for years. (I would eventually learn that all of the symptoms I'm about to tell you were coming from PCOS which I was misdiagnosed WITHOUT because of "normal blood work").

For years I experienced an irregular period (which eventually completely stopped for a full 2 years), monthly migraines, digestive issues (extreme bloating after everything I ate & constipation) facial hair growth, weight gain & body rashes.

I went to every doctor under the sun who all told me my blood work & test results were normal & to just take X medication. I was never big on medication so other than the migraine meds I would occasionally take out of desperation, I politely declined & took matters into my own hands. 

I started diving into natural ways to heal myself because I knew things were the opposite of normal. I started making changes to my diet, saw immediate results & was hooked.

I became so obsessed that after I finished my masters in ENL in May of 2016 & swore I would never go to school again, in October of 2016 I went back to school at the Energetic Health Institute for Holistic Nutrition. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Now I run a business that teaches women about their body & cycle so they can have a regular, pain-free period, thrive with PCOS, naturally conceive, say goodbye to PMS, have tons of natural energy & honestly feel their BEST without medication, birth control, or deprivation.

I run programs, have courses, host a podcast, and speak in various health & business groups all with the intention to empower as many women as possible with the information we should've learned in school.

There is SO much we can naturally do to support ourselves & I believe we all have the power to greatly change our lives using the tools at our fingertips: food & lifestyle.

Knowing how to live a hormone-healthy lifestyle & how to allow your body to function as optionally as possible is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It's truly an honor to do this work & spread this information far & wide.

Not only has the Mind Your Hormones Method I've created completely changed my life, but it's now changed hundreds of others. You're not broken, you're not crazy, it's not all in your head. Trust your intuition. Know your body is designed to heal & trust the process in getting there <3

Client Love

"I feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally!

My diet has completely changed for the better. I've lost 10 pounds, and I'm not in pain as much as I was. I'd say I'm in pain the week of my period and that's it, as opposed to half the month before working with you.

I loved the support, feedback, & education on healthier lifestyle changes. You completely changed my life for the better- because of you I am no longer in pain most days, and I'm starting to lose weight. My energy is slowly increasing. I feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally!"

- Ellie

"I have never experienced the help of a professional who actually cared enough to check up to see how I was doing on a regular basis.

Corinne is the ideal provider. She is a wonderful listener, which helps her to create a plan to match a client’s needs. I have never experienced the help of a professional who actually cared enough to check up to see how I was doing on a regular basis. Her thorough care and recommendations continue to help me improve my health and well-being. For that, I am very grateful and highly recommend her."

- Jo Anne

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