Let's collab!

Interested in having Corinne speak at your women's event, mastermind, or virtual health or business coaching group?

Interested in having Corinne speak at your event, mastermind, or virtual health or business coaching group?

Corinne exudes SO much energy and LOVES pouring it into other women!

She is SO passionate about EMPOWERING women with the information we should've learned in school about how our body TRULY works, how our menstrual cycle is tied to EVERY part of our body & how we can USE our cycle as a tool to SUPPORT us, rather than something that unintentionally holds us back.

There is so much power in knowing what's going on in your body and how you can use the tools at your fingertips to change your mental, physical & emotional reality. Corinne's mission is to share this knowledge with as many people as possible so we can change the generational future of women's health.

Some of Corinne's favorite topics
  • using your menstrual cycle as a tool to propel your health, life & business forward
  • aligning your cycle phases to your business to be more productive, efficient, aligned & fulfilled
  • the power of your 5th vital sign (your cycle) & how to "read" the signs & symptoms your body is giving you
  • what negatively impacts our hormones & how we can move in a positive direction to support them
  • how your hormones are intricately connected to your metabolism, digestion & energy
  • root causes of hormone imbalances- where they come from & how to address them
  • the truth about birth control & how to safely stop hormonal birth control
  • all things regulating your cycle & activating your fertility

If you want to support your clients or audience in this way & have Corinne be a part of their journey, please submit this application & Corinne will be in touch!

Thank you for reaching out & supporting the greater mission!