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Complimentary resources on all things hormones, birth control, and plant-based diet!

Complimentary resources on all things hormones, birth control, and plant-based diet!

Cycle Phases + Productivity Guide

Since our hormones are connected to everything in our body, we're not going to feel the same every week. Our metabolism, energy, nutrient needs & BRAIN change from phase to phase.

That's right. Our brain can change up to 25% throughout the month! This means we have strengths that are naturally heightened in each phase. When we tap into those natural strengths we experience more ease, alignment, efficiency & productivity in our life, career, relationships & business.

My desire for you is to use this information to tap into the beautiful gift your menstrual cycle is & allow it to propel you forward in all areas of your life!

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3 Day Plant Based & Hormone Balancing “Meal Plan”

You’ll notice I put “meal plan” in quotes because, to be honest, I’m not a fan of meal plans or sharing meal plans. I prefer to teach you HOW to prepare meals that are hormone balancing, rather than just giving you recipes.

HOWEVER, with that being said, I also know that when you’re starting a health journey, desire to be more plant-based &/or desire to shift your nutrition, it can be super helpful just to SEE some recipe & meal ideas to help you get started.

That’s why I created this plan for you. To give you ideas, to get you started & to show you how SIMPLE your hormone-supportive meals really can be & delicious of course! Because who wants to eat something that tastes shitty? Not me...

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