5 ways to support your body in naturally conceiving

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What’s up love?! If this title resonates with you I’m so excited for you to dive into this & really start making shifts that will support you!

Today we’re chatting about 5 things I would do/focus on if I were trying to conceive after 4 or more months of trying! Now before we get into it, it’s important for me to state that there are MANY factors at play when it comes to conceiving. And since I don’t know you PERSONALLY, I of course don’t know exactly what’s going on with you & your fertility.

The steps I’m talking about today are for education purposes only. If you are struggling with your fertility, I recommend working with an expert who’s experienced in this area & can really support you on this journey!

Okay let’s get into it…


1. Make sure you’re having sex when you’re fertile & can actually get pregnant!

I know this sounds obvious lol but a lot of people miss this window because they solely focus on apps & LH strips which can cause them to miss it! You can only get pregnant 5-6 days each month so knowing this window is ESSENTIAL. You’re a human, not a robot so using your physical signs of ovulation over technology is the vibe. (See my previous blog on this, episode 123 of the Mind Your Hormones Podcast & my training on Your Fertile Window).

2. Focus on your nutrient stores...

Not all prenatals are created equal!! Let me say it again for the people in the back: NOT ALL PRENATALS ARE CREATED EQUAL!! So many prenatals doctors recommend to my clients are NOT up to my standards... like at all lol! Nor are they the ONLY supplement I recommend for fertility.

Our ovaries need specific nutrients to function properly & our entire endocrine system (& body as a whole) need nutrients to thrive! Reproduction is not an ESSENTIAL part of our survival. So if we don’t have enough nutrients to go around, this can negatively impact our fertility.

The Prenatals I recommend:

My two favorite brands for prenatals are Thorne & Pure Encapsulations. They’re high quality, professional brands that don’t have any gross fillers or food dyes that many supplements have that you can just buy at the drugstore. NO. THANK YOU!

Some other important nutrients to focus on for fertility are Vitamin d3, Magnesium BISGLYCINATE & Omega 3 DHA/EPA (I love the vegan brand Deva- you can check it out here or on Amazon).

Magnesium Bisglycinate

There are other forms of magnesium, like citrate & oxide, that are not specific for hormone balance. Always choose bisglycinate to support your hormones AND because it’s more easily absorbed in the body. It also seriously improves the gut-brain connection so you sleep better, stress less and have healthier mental wellness. Yes please! Magnesium is also supportive for men if you have a male partner!

My absolute fave Magnesium brand is GutPersonal. I do 1 scoop of the powdered form about an hour before bed in a wine glass as my nightly mocktail LOL. It has such a good strawberry flavor that I LOVE! (There are also capsules you can take if you’re not a powder person)

Vitamin d3

The sunshine vitamin is actually a hormone in our body and responsible for hundreds of different functions! Check out the episode I did on Mind Your Hormones for all the details on the importance of Vitamin d3.

When getting a d3 supplement it’s important to look for one that also has Vitamin K in it. Why? Because Vitamin K helps you ABSORB vitamin d3. We’re all about absorption over here! You’re not what you eat/take, you’re what you can ABSORB!

I personally use & recommend to all of my clients, the Vitamin d3 from GutPersonal. They have a capsule and liquid option. I personally use the liquid because I like how you can specifically customize the amount you take based on your needs. You can use code CORINNE for a discount on any GutPersonal products!

For more specifics on other supplements I recommend, the timing, dosages & recommended brands, you can check out my Supplement Training.

*as always consult with your doctor before implementing any new supplements.


3. Make your body feel safe!

YES this is just as important as anything else when it comes to fertility (& our wellness overall). Our bodies are really freaking smart. If it feels like right now isn’t the best time to get pregnant, grow a human & have a baby, it will DELAY or turn off ovulation (which is why tracking/confirming ovulation is so important so you can see what’s actually going on- ps. A period is NOT a sign of ovulation!).

There are of course many reasons why ovulation can be delayed. It’s not a one size fits all kind of situation. But when we’re talking about keeping our body feeling safe here’s what I mean.

Things that can cause our body to not feel safe are under-eating, over exercising, skipping meals, extreme stress, trauma, suppressing emotions & lack of sleep.

It would really benefit you to make it a priority to process & work through any lingering trauma/emotional wounds (with a professional), incorporate daily meditation, have 3 main meals a day & get clear on what stressors you CAN control & reduce. Of course there are stressors we can’t control, but I bet there are many in your current life that you could control by setting more boundaries around them or shifting your perspective about it. Our health & fertility are not just about what we’re eating. Your mindset around it plays a huge role as well because everything is connected. Your mind, body, spirit- all of it. One affects the other.


4. Eat more plant foods & healthy fats!

Plants are extremely high in antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients & fiber. All of which support fertility & overall wellness! Healthy fats such as avocados, raw nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil, coconut & coconut oil, produce cholesterol which is a precursor to your sex hormones. So they’re extremely important!

Here are some ideas I recommend to my clients to help them add in more plants: starting each meal with a delicious salad, swapping a meat based meal with beans & having nutrient dense smoothies filled with protein & healthy fats. (I have a free 3 day plant based, gluten free & hormone balancing meal plan if you want it! Click here to download it!)


5. Reduce toxic exposure...

This is a big one! If we aren’t intentional about it, we’ll be bombarded with thousands of chemicals a day that can block & destroy our hormone receptors causing hormone imbalances that will negatively impact fertility & our endocrine system. Think about the amount of products we use a day… toothpaste, face wash, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, soap, makeup, hand soap, lotion, hairspray, counter cleaner, dish soap, & on and on and on!

Each of these products can have hundreds of chemicals in them. Which is why it’s super important to be intentional about the products we put on our body & around our environment. 

I know this can be super overwhelming so just start small & take it one step at a time.

You can start by eating mostly organic foods (or at least the dirty 12 which can be found on ewg.org, any animal products if you do consume them & grains) to greatly reduce your exposure to pesticides, herbicides & glyphosate.

Then you could focus on swapping some of your beauty & household cleaning products to non-toxic ones. When one runs out, swap it for a non-toxic alternative. Ewg.org/skindeep is a great resource!

My absolute favorite skin care company is Skin Essence Organics. I’ve  been using them for YEARS & am always amazed at how awesome they are. They’re made from organic, high quality plant oils, are super effective, environmentally conscious & SO affordable. They really have transformed my skin. If you’re looking for some new skin care definitely check them out! I personally use the Ocular serum, Pure Cleansure, Nourish Moisturizer, RoseHip Oil, Facial toning mist & e cream!

You can use code CORINNE for a discount!

For household cleaning products I absolutely love Branch Basics! They work soooo well and use amazing, non-toxic ingredients that you don’t have to worry about.


To wrap this up..

Like I said earlier, there are MANY factors we can’t control when it comes to naturally conceiving & why you personally might be struggling, which may take working with someone to support you and see what's really going on (you know where to find me if you’re interested in working together! Instagram or email are the easiest!).

AND there are also factors we CAN control. Which was the intention of this blog. By focusing on what we CAN control, we feel more empowered, take action from an intentional place & get into a better mindset about it all.

I hope this was helpful & supportive for you on your fertility journey! Thank you so much for being here!

Remember to trust the process & always Mind Your Hormones <3

Xx Corinne


*This information is meant for education purposes only! Always consult with your doctor & get support on your fertility journey


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