3 Day Plant Based & Hormone Balancing “Meal Plan”


You’ll notice I put “meal plan” in quotes because, to be honest, I’m not a fan of meal plans or sharing meal plans. I prefer to teach you HOW to prepare meals that are hormone balancing, rather than just giving you recipes.

HOWEVER, with that being said, I also know that when you’re starting a health journey, desire being more plant based &/or desire shifting your nutrition, it can be super helpful just to SEE some recipe & meal ideas to help you get started.

That’s why I created this plan for you. To give you ideas, to get you started & to show you how SIMPLE your hormone supportive meals really can be & delicious of course! Because who wants to eat something that tastes shitty? Not me...


Which.. here's a little about who I am & why I created this for you.. 

I’m a former Spanish & ENL teacher turned entrepreneur, Holistic Nutritionist, Podcaster, Speaker & Mentor! I left my 9 year teaching career in Aug of 2020 to run my Holistic Nutrition business full time because it’s my passion & mission in life to empower & educate as many women as possible how to live a hormone healthy lifestyle so they can have so much energy, a regular-pain free period, thrive with PCOS, naturally conceive, say goodbye to PMS & honestly just feel their absolute best day in & day out all without medication or deprivation. 

This passion for nutrition & women’s health started with my own health struggles. 

For years I had an irregular period that eventually turned into 2 years without one, bloating, constipation, IBS, body rashes, facial hair growth, weight gain & migraines. All the doctors said everything was normal & just threw medication at me.

That wasn’t my jam (like I know it isn’t yours either) so I took matters into my own hands, became plant based in 2016, went back to school for Holistic Nutrition, healed my body & the rest is history.

Switching to a plant based diet has completely transformed my mental, physical, emotional & hormonal health & I KNOW it can have the same benefits for you (as it has for so many of my clients).

I created this plan for you so you can get started on your plant based journey knowing that you're getting the macro & micronutrients you need to thrive.


Every recipe in this plan is (obviously) plant based, gluten free & LOADED with nutrients.


My hope for you is that you take this sample plan & make it your own. Play around with it. Substitute ingredients you don’t love for ones you do love.

My hope is that by seeing these recipes it sparks an idea for you about something you’d like to make. So follow this to a T or switch things up. Do whatever feels best for YOU.

Most importantly, have fun with this! ENJOY the time prepping/cooking (which isn’t a lot because these are SUPER simple) knowing that this food is HEALING, NOURISHING & FUELING your body!

& as always, trust the process & Mind Your Hormones <3

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