One of the MAJOR root causes (& most common) of ALL hormonal imbalances (whether you have an irregular period, painful period, PCOS, are struggling to conceive, have intense PMS, low energy, migraines, acne etc) is DISREGULATED BLOOD SUGAR.


I have NEVER worked with a client that didn’t have some degree of disregulated blood sugar.


& EVERY single time they learn to implement this ONE strategy I’m going to be teaching you in this training (a training I pulled straight from Module 1 of the Mind Your Hormones Method), their energy improved & their hormones began to balance out.


It’s always the starting point of their cycle & fertility improving. ALWAYS. Hence why balancing blood sugar is the 1st & most in depth module of the MYHM.


Because it’s REQUIRED for your hormones to be balanced. Why?


Insulin is a top tier hormone that when off (by eating in a way that unintentionally sabotages it!), creates a domino effect that negatively impacts ALL your other hormones. (including your sex hormones)


Leading to symptoms like:

  • Cravings
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Low energy
  • 3pm crash
  • Irregular periods
  • Painful periods
  • Low fertility
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Brain Fog
  • Shaky/hangry between meals


That’s how powerful it is...

& that’s why learning how to build simple, hormone healthy meals that STABILIZE your blood sugar is one of the first steps you need to master to not only FEEL better in your day to day life, but to also see a positive change in your cycle & fertility.


Inside this free training you’ll learn:

  •  The role insulin & blood sugar play in your body & exactly how it impacts your cycle & fertility
  •  Exactly how to SIMPLY build a hormone balanced meal (we don’t count calories, carbs, macros etc or do 100 ingredients per meal over here!) aka what to include on your plate
  •  2 immediate action steps you can take
  •  Plus a little bonus of a video tutorial of my smoothie formula


This training was pulled right from the Mind Your Hormones Method so you KNOW it’s PACKED with value.


I cannot wait for you to get your hands on it.



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