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Balancing Your Blood Sugar UPGRADE

This will be a complete behind the scenes of how I eat to balance my blood sugar through pictures & audio drops (like a podcast vibe!) you can listen to on the go, at your convenience!

Listen into 2 weeks of me sharing daily:

  • exactly what I eat every day to support my blood sugar (exactly what's in each meal & why, plus the timing- which is so crucial for blood sugar regulation)
  • what it looks like on a work day, weekend, when going out to eat dinner, at a party, mom life etc
  • what I do when I realize my blood sugar is off-  the in the moment feelings & what I do to regulate it

What you're going to walk away with?

  • knowing how to course correct your day & determine when your blood sugar is dropping- the exact symptoms to look for- based off me sharing how I experience it in my body.
  • ideas you can integrate into your own life
  • inspiration for easy AF meals

YES I of course talk about the symptoms to look for in the Balance Your Blood Sugar program & what to do to support yourself when that happens..

BUT in this upgrade you're going to be able to see what's being taught in the Balance Your Blood Sugar trainings used in REAL TIME, which makes implementing it in your day to day life even easier.

When you have these concrete examples, when you see somebody else do it, when you see how this works, it makes it so much easier to go & do it yourself.



SO excited for you to get access to this & to share my life with you for 2 weeks! 

Want a teaser of what this is like? Here's an example of 1 of the days (out of 14) inside the upgrade. Click here to get access to 1 day for free (you'll have to download the free Telegram app to access it).