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The Mind Your Hormones Method Course

Your step by step roadmap to balance your hormones.

  • regulate your cycle- know exactly when it's coming, pain & PMS free
  • activate your fertility & enhance egg quality (male fertility/sperm quality as well) & prepare for a strong & healthy pregnancy
  • rebalance postpartum
  • skyrocket your energy & overall wellness all without medication

Not only does the MYHM include your step by step roadmap to live a hormone healthy lifestyle with full modules (multiple trainings in each module) for each major root cause of imbalances (Blood Sugar, Nervous System Regulation, Gut Health & Inflammation & Liver Detoxification- all of which needs to be optimized to have a healthy cycle, get pregnant, thrive in pregnancy & rebalance postpartum) but it also has:

  • My supplement masterclass (different trainings & protocols for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, overall cyclical health, PCOS & endometriosis)
  • Plant Based, Gluten Free & Hormone Balancing Recipes
  • 14 Day Meal Plan (dropping in there next week)
  • Cooking tutorials
  • Tracking Your Bio Markers & Fertile Window Masterclass
  • & multiple bonus trainings around period health, PCOS & Birth Control
  • Plus 4 NEW masterclasses will be added to it next year (these masterclasses are also sold separately- see below)

Immediate and Lifetime access to the full course plus any updates that are made.

Full course details here

Full Price: $1,111

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Payment plan option of 3 payments of $175

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The Mind Your Hormones Method + Group Coaching

Get everything in the course (all details listed above) plus 3 months of group coaching & access to a Voxer (free app like Whats App) Broadcast Channel where Corinne drops weekly voice notes about how she's living the MYHM Lifestyle.

  • This is also where Corinne will answer your questions if you're unable to make a group call live. You will drop your question in our private FB group & Corinne will respond to it in this Broadcast chat so you can listen to it whenever it's convenient for you & still receive support no matter what season of life you're in

Immediate and Lifetime access to the course plus any updates that are made.

Full Price: $2,222


Payment plan option: 5 payments of $300


  • The first 3 people to join get a 1:1 Food Journal Audit with me for FREE (details on what that is here)
  • If you Pay In Full you get my program Activate Your Fertility FOR FREE (this includes 9 in depth trainings that takes your already boosted fertility from the MYHM to the next level- this is where the mind, body, soul connection of fertility (male & female) takes place. **If you're NOT TTC, you will get to choose any of my other programs for free. We can chat & I can point you in the right direction based off of your current situation.
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Masterclass Bundle

(you get this for free when you're in the MYHM) 

4 Brand New Masterclasses. 1 each quarter of 2024

In each masterclass we will dive DEEP into a major root cause of all Hormone Imbalances

  •  Blood Sugar Regulation (Quarter 1)
  • Regulating Your Nervous System (Quarter 2)
  • Reducing Inflammation & Improving Gut Health (Quarter 3)
  • Liver Detoxification (Quarter 4)

Each of these systems in your body MUST be in place for your hormones to function optimally & for you to FEEL your best. Healing these root causes is the Mind Your Hormones Method Way.

I will provide strategic nutritional, lifestyle & energetic changes you can make to heal each of these root causes for the following seasons of life:

  •  Regulating your period- knowing exactly when it’s coming, pain & PMS free
  • Supporting your fertility & preparing for a strong & healthy pregnancy
  • Thriving in your pregnancy
  • Rebalancing Postpartum
  • Safely coming off birth control/rebalancing post birth control
  • Thriving with PCOS

Full Price: $444


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