Hi!! OMG first of all CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!
I'm SO excited for you to enter the journey of Motherhood. It's truly the absolute best experience that I'm obsessed with & love so much.
I had my daughter Madison on 6/12/23 & honestly every single aspect of life is better now that she's here. It's such a freaking amazing GIFT & I'm so happy you're about to experience it with me!
I know how overwhelming it can be to create your registry, to search for the most non toxic products, that actually work & that are safe for you & baby. Because lordddd knows how shitty a lot of the products are out there. NO freaking thank you. 
So instead of you wasting your precious time & energy on that, I did all the leg work for you! (Obviiiously look into everything for yourself as well!) I put together my baby registry for you to take a look at & get what feels good for you. I waited until I was 3 months postpartum to finalize this because there were things on my original registry that I didn't end up using, & things I bought after the fact that I wanted to make sure were on here for you.
I hope you use this as a guide for you & your little ones journey & that it makes the process easier & less overwhelming. Everything is broken up into different categories with links for you to easily access & add to your registry.
Sending you SO SO SO much love on your journey. I cannot wait for you to experience it & to be connected with you as we navigate motherhood together <3
XO Corinne
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