Activate Your Fertility

Prepare your body + mind for conception and a thriving pregnancy

If you...

  • Don’t know why you’ve been unable to conceive + feel like something’s “wrong” with you
  • Want to get to the root cause of your problem, better understand your body + improve your chances of conceiving
  • Want to feel confident that you’re doing everything you can to prepare your body for pregnancy
  • Feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what steps to focus on that will actually help your fertility
  • Are concerned about why you’re having issues because you’re a healthy person
  • Haven’t had anyone take your concerns seriously
  • Want to feel more calm throughout the process & have a better way to approach your fertility both nutritionally and mentally
  • Want to connect with other women who are in a similar situation so you don’t feel so alone
  • Feel like you’ve learned a lot on your journey so far but know there’s something you’re missing


Activate Your Fertility is for YOU!


As someone who has PCOS and had an irregular period for a decade, then went 2 years without one, I’ve always had the fear of not being able to get pregnant.


So about 7 years ago I started my deep healing journey of using food, supplementation & lifestyle as medicine to address my PCOS and learn how to THRIVE with it. I’ve been living the most hormone supportive, healthy lifestyle ever since and have experienced true wellness & vitality.


And in the process, I’ve been setting my fertility up to support me for when I was ready for that stage of my life. That’s key for your conception success.


I have not only helped other women naturally conceive (women who have PCOS, endometriosis, have been told by their doctors that they’d never be able to conceive naturally & those who didn’t have a reproductive disorderbut I have also successfully conceived myself, on the first try while having PCOS.


My husband and I got married in June and after one intentional try in September, we naturally conceived (BECAUSE of the strategic prep we BOTH put in) and have had a seamless journey since. I’m now in my 2nd trimester feeling amazing, having a thriving pregnancy & am so proud of the work we both put in to set our body’s up for this moment.

And I'm SO ready to help YOU have your version of this story.


(I KNOW reading that can be triggering for you. I share this story with you so you can SEE what's POSSIBLE & see the POTENTIAL that comes when you commit to this method.)

Activate Your Fertility is designed to give you science backed tools & strategies to support your body in HEALING, BALANCING and getting what it truly NEEDS so that your fertility can naturally thrive as a byproduct. This program is designed to help you understand your body on a DEEPER level, not only now, but for years to come.


Your body is DESIGNED to heal.

Your fertility CAN & WILL improve.

When it gets what it needs!


Supporting you & your partner’s fertility isn’t a mystery.


There are exact steps you can take in order to change your fertility for the better and to prepare your body to not only get pregnant, but to hold onto a pregnancy & have a healthy experience throughout. (Which will also support your postpartum journey).

I'm ready! Let's do this!

 Maybe you’ve already:

  • Made changes to your nutrition
  • Starting taking supplements
  • Gone to a fertility specialist
  • Created a good exercise routine
  • Tried medications (metformin, clomid, birth control)

but still aren’t seeing results & getting pregnant.

If that’s that case, it’s because there are pieces to the puzzle that are missing.

I 100% believe that part of getting pregnant is divine timing and an overall miracle/blessing.

And I ALSO believe and know for a fact that a BIG part of conceiving is the proper preparation you and your partner implement. If it wasn't for the intentional work we put in, I would not be pregnant right now.

If you have been trying to conceive for 3 or more months, Activate Your Fertility is for you.


If you’ve been trying to conceive for 4 or more months and haven’t gotten the outcome you desire yet, it’s simply because you and/or your partner’s body haven’t YET gotten everything they need to support the conception process. And when they do, your outcome will change.


If you’ve been TTC for months/years and are considering IVF, preparation is absolutely necessary to improve your outcomes, since IVF is not a 100% guarantee. Activate Your Fertility will prepare you for the process to improve your chances of a successful transfer while also providing you with the chance of naturally conceiving before you even start IVF.

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The details:

  • 4 months together
  • 2 60 minute 1:1 calls with me (1 when you first join + 1 towards the end of our time together)
  • 4 Food Journal Audits (1 per month)
    • you'll submit a weeks worth of food & movement (no calorie counting! just a journal of what & when you're eating) so I can provide personalized feedback on how you can specifically shift your nutrition to be more fertility supportive for YOU
  • Immediate & Lifetime Access to my course The Mind Your Hormones Method 
    • This is the blueprint of it ALL & an absolute REQUIREMENT for your conception journey. The MYHM is where you'll learn how to uncover & heal any underlying imbalances you have that are negatively impacting your fertility. This method is what ACTIVATES your fertility & sets you up for success
    • This course takes you through the major root causes of ALL hormone imbalances & how you can heal them naturally. You'll work on stabilizing your blood sugar, nourishing your nervous system, reducing inflammation, supporting your gut & detoxifying your liver in a SIMPLE, sustainable way that's NEEDED for fertility
    • In addition to the self paced course, you'll get 2 group calls a month for 4 months with all the women in the MYHM
  • Fertility Specific Trainings that will OPTIMIZE your fertility & provide you with the mental support to have a sense of peace & ease throughout the process 
    • The MYHM turns your fertility ON and the fertility trainings ROCKET SHIP your fertility & create the BEST environment for baby to grow & thrive in. While also setting up your MINDSET for success
  • Voxer Support
    • (Voxer is a free voice & text messaging app- like a walkie talkie Nextel vibes) This is where we can communicate daily (M-F) so I can provide personalized support, answer your specific questions & mentor you as you go through the material. This is designed in a group setting so you can have community support on your journey while also hearing the questions/challenges that come up for others which can help support you on your journey as well.


Here's an overview of some of the fertility trainings:

  • Setting up your MIND to support your desires & Releasing Stagnant Energy
  • Nourishing your Nervous System by reframing/releasing stressors (if your brain isn’t on board it cannot properly secrete hormones needed for conception)
  • Tapping into the energy of the baby’s soul
  • Enhancing Sperm Quality
  • Fertility specific herbs & supplements (for you & your partner)
  • Fertility supportive workouts that enhance your progesterone production (the hormone needed to hold onto & nourish a pregnancy)
  • Improving blood flow to your reproductive organs with Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles
  • Breathwork session from a Certified Breathwork Practitioner to release stuck emotions/energy & cleanse the body on an energetic & physical level
I have NEVER been more excited or ready about a program before. I am BEYOND excited to see who I’ll get to support on this incredible, life changing journey.


Are you ready to Activate Your Fertility?

I'm ready!! Let's get started!!