Welcome to my 1:1 Mentorship Application!

1:1 Mentorship Application

1:1 Mentorship is designed for the woman who knows the value of long term, close proximity mentorship because she knows consistency over time is what makes massive change.

She knows the value of close proximity with someone who knows how to guide her where she wants to go.

She desires being in my energy & wants personalized attention & support on her specific journey.

She's ready for high-level mentorship that will transform her current & future mental, physical & emotional wellbeing.


This is for you if you want to feel...


  • Fully supported as you make changes to your lifestyle
  • Confident in how you're taking care of yourself & how to use food, lifestyle & supplementation as medicine to feel f**kinggg amazing & in the process, activate your fertility, have a regular-pain free cycle, improve your moods, energy, overall wellness & mental health
  • Hopeful & confident in your ability to get a positive pregnancy test and have a thriving pregnancy (if that's your goal)
  • Like your mindset is set up for massive success & leads to bigger changes in your health than anything physically ever could
  • Empowered in how you're taking care of your health & how it will change the generational future of your family

Are you ready to do life together for the next 4 months?!



Apply here!!