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My treatments are intended to rebalance your hormonal system, improve your energy, alleviate pain, and restore your body, psyche, and spirit for long-term healing resolutions. I am here to help YOU achieve the results you want and DESERVE!  

As a new Client, I agree to:

  1. Fully disclose all physical and/or psychological health conditions that may be necessary for my Holistic Nutritionist to know in order to assure my safety, honor my emotional history, and allow my Nutritionist to provide me with the best possible healing experience.
  2. Inform my Nutritionist immediately, via Voxer or email, of any physical or emotional discomfort or pain following a consultation.

I hereby authorize my Nutritionist to recommend the following types of protocols as necessary to facilitate my healing and design recommended treatments:

Holistic use of nutrition: Therapeutic nutrition and nutritional supplementation.

Botanical (herbal) medicine: Botanicals may be prescribed as teas, tinctures, capsules, tablets, or creams.

Lifestyle counseling and hygiene: Promotion of wellness including recommendations for movement, sleep, stress reduction, mindset, and habit shifts.

I recognize the potential risks and benefits of these procedures as described below:

Potential risks: allergic reactions to prescribed herbs and supplements, side effects of natural medications, aggravation of pre-existing symptoms, discomfort, nausea, lightheadedness, and inconvenience of lifestyle changes. Please notify me if you experience ANY symptoms which may be secondary to the above procedures or if ever in doubt!

Potential benefits: restoration/balance of hormonal health, PCOS management, boosting fertility, restoration of energy, health & the body’s MAXIMAL functional capacity WITHOUT the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery, relief of pain & symptoms of disease, and prevention of disease or its progression.

Notice to pregnant women: All female clients must alert me if they know or suspect that they are pregnant as some of the therapies used could present a risk to the pregnancy.

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These masterclasses do not guarantee fertility or that you will naturally conceive. These masterclasses are meant to help you understand your body better and to help prepare your body in a healthy way for the changes you are about to make. These masterclasses also do not guarantee that you won't get pregnant without being on birth control. 

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Balance Your Blood Sugar Masterclass


Learn exactly how to heal a major root cause of "infertility", irregular cycles, PCOS & PMS by mastering your Blood Sugar Regulation

Our hormones are RESPONDERS. They respond to certain systems/processes in our body. SO in order for our hormones to be balanced- we need to know how to support the systems that actually affect our hormones.

One MAJOR process that affects EVERY SINGLE HORMONE in your body is your Blood Sugar.

I have NEVER worked with a client that didn't have some sort of blood sugar disregulation- which is why it's always the first area I have them work on.

Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to improve your fertility, cycle & overall health in general, without stabilizing your blood sugar.

A major reason why you might be struggling to get pregnant &/or regulate your period- can most likely be linked back to blood sugar disregulation.

Is it the only factor?

Of course not.

But it is one that will impact your entire body & fertility in a positive way once you know how to stabilize it.

The best part?

Everything in your body is connected. So when one thing improves (like your blood sugar)- everything improves. Leading you closer & closer to getting pregnant & have a regular- pain free cycle.

Regulated Blood Sugar is NOT only a priority for people who have diabetes.

It affects every single one of us.

If you regularly or ever experience:

  • cravings
  • mid afternoon crashes (like falling asleep on your drive home, wanting to take a nap &/or need another coffee kinda crash)
  • migraines/headaches
  • waking up in the middle of the night for "no reason"
  • hangryyyy between meals (like you need to eat ASAPPPP or else)
  • shakiness between meals- you literally feel yourself crashing
  • brain fog (legit you feel like there's a cloud in your brain & you can't even hold a convo or remember what someone just told you)
  • mood swings- (all of a sudden you're in a bad mood after an hour or so of eating)
  • inability to maintain a healthy weight
  • irregular ovulation/fertility challenges/any cycle probs (PMS, cramps)

then you've experienced blood sugar disregulation

When you regulate your blood sugar you'll have

  • more energy
  • better moods
  • boosted fertility
  • & more regular, pain & PMS free periods.

In this masterclass you won't only be learning how to regulate your blood sugar on a day to day basis.. you'll also be learning:

  • how to prevent blood sugar dips & spikes
  • how you can eat sugar/certain foods/drinks without completely sabotaging your blood sugar (because the answer isn't banning sugar & carbs completely from your life)
  • what to do when you KNOW your blood sugar is off (because we're not perfect & that's going to happen sometimes- the value is in knowing how to regulate yourself- not always staying in regulation which isn't always possible) 


My intention with this masterclass is for you to

  • FULLY understand how the things you are or are not doing are impacting your blood sugar (what you're eating/drinking, how you're eating it, WHEN you're eating etc)
  • what it's actually doing in your body & the feeling you'll have when it's off
  • how it's negatively impacting your chances of getting pregnant
  • how it's affecting how you FEEL each day (your energy & moods)
  • exactly what you can change in your diet so you can truly master your blood sugar & FEEL & SEE the changes QUICKLY

When you regulate your blood sugar you FEEL the impact IMMEDIATELY.

You will also feel it IMMEDIATELY when it's off.

Once you join you'll get immediate & lifetime access to the trainings.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you’re in the Mind Your Hormones Method you already have access to this under Module 1: balance your blood sugar

If you'd like to bundle this with Corinne's Supplement Masterclass so you can heal two root causes of fertility struggles & hormones imbalances, (nutrient density & blood sugar dysregulation) check out the Blood Sugar & Supplement Masterclass Bundle.

Check out that bundle here!


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