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Plant Power

I truly believe living an all or mostly plant based diet is what will lead you to your healthiest self.

That is my truth.

I've been vegetarian since 2014 and went fully plant based since 2016 & it has completely changed my mental, physical & emotional health.

On every level & in every way.

Before I adopted a plant based diet I felt so disconnected from my body.

I was so puffy, had insane bloating & constipation, my skin was dull, I woke up tired, I had brain fog. & simply put, I felt like my body wasn't responding to what I was doing externally. "Eating well" & working out.

I had absolutely NO IDEA how different my mind & body would be by going plant based.

Especially because I didn't even have dairy too often & was already vegetarian.

But holy sh*t. The difference was unbelievable & happened SO QUICKLY.

I remember after a couple weeks of being plant based my pants were all of a sudden loose (from all the INFLAMMATION leaving my body). My skin got clearer. I had so much ENERGY. I wasn't bloated. I was pooping regularly. I. had so much more mental clarity.


BUT. I still wasn't getting my period because I didn't crack that code yet. I obvi now have which is why I'm running this program for you so you can have it all.

The benefits of a plant based diet are endless. The limit LEGIT does not exist.

From WAY more energy, better digestion & gut health, more mental clarity, preventing heart disease, diabetes & cancer, clearer skin & stellar periods to better sex, it's all possible using the power of plants.

I believe with certainty that when you're all or largely plant based, you will feel the best you've ever felt- when you do it properly.

Which is why I created Plant Power.

This 1 week program is designed to help you feel so confident about how to live a plant based lifestyle in any season of life & why it's so beneficial for every area of your health.

Plant Power will leave you feeling excited & wildly capable of creating balanced plant based meals whether you're cooking at home, going to a restaurant or attending a party.

We are diving into ALL the tips & tricks I've learned over the years so you can begin experiencing the power of plants ASAP.


Here's the nitty gritty of what you'll learn:

  • how to get adequate protein, calcium & iron from plants (busting those myth asap!)

  • how to build meals that support your hormones

  • how plants support fertility, digestion & energy

  • navigating eating out at restaurants & going to parties 

  • my favorite plant based meat & cheese alternatives

  • how to easily add more plants to your diet so it's not a complete overhaul

  • recipes, grocery list & meal prep support

  • Q & A

I meannnn.... are you ready for it?!

When: August 8th- August 12th

Held in a FB group so all the live trainings will be immediately available if you can't make the live call times.

You'll have access to the program for 8 weeks.

 This is non refundable

By purchasing I am acknowledging that Corinne Angelica Wellness is not responsible for my results.